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July 14, 2018


Aaron Smith

Apparently it's really common for them to have worms now because almost everytime I keep them they do. As you said seems like they never used too but for the past few years they have had them everytime for me. I just got to the point I cut them out and fry em up.

Pat Powell

Lol...I've been questioning my fishing skills lately as well. Luckily, the surf was hot on Bolivar this week and my confidence has returned. Thanks for the go-to report Mr.Colburn. your straight shooting is appreciated.



Have had steady trout action except for one day at the Walter Umphrey pier. Most 14" though. Caught a couple of keepers and they ended up having worms. Is this common? Never had issues with worms in trout till this season so not sure how common it is.

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